sf city hall marriage

The san francisco city Hall Wedding Process. Whether you live in San Francisco, or you’re coming from far away to get married at SF City Hall, it will be helpful for you to understand the process. First of all, there are two options for how you can hold your ceremony at San Francisco City Hall.San francisco city hall wedding photography. There is a reason why our San Francisco City hall wedding photography packages are among the most booked packages that StillNation has to offer. What place could possibly be better for a wedding venue in the area than the San Francisco City Hall?San Francisco City Hall Weddings. A wise woman commented to me recently, that life is all about the stories. No place that I know of has more love stories than San Francisco City hall. Monday through Friday 9:30 to 3:30pm brides and grooms line up outside of room 168 to check in for their very own San Francisco City Hall wedding.3 Reserve the Entire City Hall on a Weekend – This is an option if you want to make City Hall your wedding venue for the evening. For information on holding events in the evening or on a weekend, please contact theOffice of Special Events, Room 495, at (415) 554-6079 or online at SF city hall event. If you take this option, you may want to.But before you send out the invites, find out how many guests you are allowed to have with you at City Hall. For example, San Francisco City Hall only allows a total of 6 guests (including at least one witness), and if you’re hiring a wedding photographer they would count as one of them.Civil Marriage Ceremonies at City Hall . Couples may choose to have a Civil marriage ceremony at City Hall performed by a San Francisco County Clerk Deputy Marriage Commissioner. Couples may invite up to 6 guests. This limit applies to everyone attending.San Francisco City hall wedding photographer studio specializes in intimate weekday SF City Hall Weddings. City Hall wedding photography is what we love to do as we can focus on intimate moments instead of capturing the pomp of larger events. We focus on artistic and timeless wedding photos that tell a story of a couple in love.