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RevIVed Hydration is the leader in providing mobile IV therapy in Grand Rapids and Traverse City. IV therapy addresses a range of needs from hangover remedies, vitamin boosts, and weight loss options to keep you looking and feeling great.thrive drip Spa is an IV vitamin therapy and lifestyle wellness spa that has taken traditional medical treatments and given them a modern twist. As your area’s premier Drip Spa, we offer customized drips and Boosters that maximize health, performance recovery, and wellness, all from one of our relaxing Drip Lounges.An IV places hydration and nutrients directly into your blood stream. Is this a new treatment and is it safe? IV vitamin therapy was developed in the 1940s by Dr John Myers to treat a multitude of diseases and has been proven safe and effective. We are making the treatment available and convenient to the general public. Who will put my IV in?REVIV is the leading global wellness provider of signature IV nutrient therapies and booster shots. REVIV’s proprietary IV infusion therapies target a variety of wellness needs by replenishing hydration, aiding recovery from illness or jet lag, restoring vitamin & nutrient levels, refreshing cosmetic appearance and revitalizing your overall well being.Benefits of IV Hydration. Consuming fluids, energy drinks, or taking vitamins orally may help with the effects of dehydration, but your body can only absorb approximately 50% of the nutrients within them. With IV administration of fluids and nutrients, you will get nearly 100% absorption, leading to quicker and longer-lasting results.IV vitamin therapy is an effective and efficient treatment at replenishing vitamins and minerals because it bypasses the digestive system, allowing for 100 percent absorption. food or medications such as multivitamins, must be chewed or swallowed whole.Celebrities and devotees of vitamin IV drips say they can boost your mood, taurine, multi-trace elements, hydration fluids (of the classic IV variety), plus. a vitamin infusion via intravenous drip on the Hangover Bus in the.The Kansas Board of Healing Arts last week instructed a doctor and and chiropractor to temporarily stop working at IV Nutrition, 6301 W. 135th St., Overland Park, and other clinics like it that give.